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    Shri Nagaraj K Nayak

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    SIRSI – 581 401 – Uttara Kannada District

    Karnataka State


About us

The Sirsi Urban Sahakari Bank Ltd. is registered with DICGC

Founded in 1905, Sirsi Urban Sahakari Bank is one among the top 10 Urban Co-operative Banks in the Karnataka State with illustrious legacy of more than 110 years.  The Bank started its journey as “The Sirsi Rural Co-operative Credit Society Unlimited” registered  on December 21, 1905 under the Co-operative Societies Act, 1904 in the then Bombay State with the sole object of inculcating the habit of thrift and self help among the people of Sirsi.  In 1913, the society graduated into Urban Co-operative Bank on March 18, 1913 as “The Sirsi Urban Co-operative Credit Bank Limited”.  In the year 1966, The Banking Regulation Act, 1949 was made applicable to the co-operative societies and bank got RBI license on April 23, 1981.

As any other co-operative institution, our bank was also built up by the people of Sirsi for providing banking services for persons of small means, started extending its area of operation to the two adjacent taluks in the year 1979-80 to serve the unbanked areas of Primary Co-operative Banks where the local people could not establish their own banks under co-operative sector.  Enthused by the success achieved and so also encouragement given by large business and trading community of other taluks in Uttara Kannada district, bank extended its area of operation to provide model co-operative banking facilities and services to the district of Uttara Kannada.  Thereafter bank extended its area of operation of the adjoining districts and also the state capital Bangalore.

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